Frequently asked Questions

How do I dress?


Is there anything to eat?

            Usually there is a selection of fruits and vegetables, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks Coffee, various Iced Teas and juices along with some fresh bread.

When and where is Overflow?

            We currently meet each Sunday at 10am at 113 Sandy Drive Newark De 19713

How long does a service last?

            Since our Pastor has major ADD the services are usually less than an hour

What are services like?

            We start with a few songs have some announcements and then a relevant message from the Bible.

What is the purpose of Overflow Church?

            To make an impact on the people around Newark with the love of Christ through weekly gatherings, growing small groups and weekly service projects.

Is Overflow Church associated with any particular denomination?

            It is a non-denominational ministry

Does overflow have a childcare area?

            Yes, we have a nursery and care for kids up to 2nd grade.

What are some typical serving events that Overflow has done?

            Any event that is an act of kindness or undeserved favor to give Delaware a glimpse of God’s grace, showing them that God does indeed love them. Examples which we have done: Construction coffee crew give away, cleaning up parks, raking leaves, scotch tape gift wrap giveaway, Cleaning business restrooms, reverse Halloween candy giveaway, July 4th glowstick giveaway, giving water bottles at a local park and shoveling snow.

Why start a church?

            There are many great churches in Delaware. They all proclaim Jesus as Lord and make an impact in people’s lives inside their church. The reason to start a church in Delaware is to make an impact outside of the church building. Churches proclaim the love of Christ inside but if you do not happen to go and visit the church then the church has no impact on society. Creating a church that spends 50% of its time inside “the building” and 50% outside “the building” will have a much bigger impact on society.

Why not simply work within an existing church to make an impact in Delaware?

            Every church has a vision, a direction of what their programs and efforts are. The people have bought into those and decided to either join as a member or to regularly attend. In order to make an impact outside the church requires a dramatic shift in a church’s priorities and that is very difficult to accept.  Whenever there is a shift in priorities in a church many within will feel threatened and withdraw as they feel that they have lost their church. Vision must come from the Senior leadership of any church, without that fundamental backing any vision will not be accomplished.